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Bard College

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Boston University

Brown University

Cornell University

Duke University

Emory University

George Washington University

Kenyon College

New York University

Northwestern University

Oberlin College

Stanford University

University of Arizona

University of California Berkeley

University of Chicago

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

University of
Southern California

Washington University

Wesleyan University

Yale University


Liz Resnick
Dean of Studies, Harvard-Westlake, Los Angeles

The EDWIN is great for two critical aspects of the college application process – it provides an excellent overview of how to best prepare oneself (and knowledge is power, so that is enormously helpful), and also a terrific way to stay organized from the beginning of high school, all the way through until acceptances arrive.  I am a big fan, and think most students (and parents) will see great benefits to using the EDWIN.


Keishia Kemp
KIPP Through College, Los Angeles

I purchased EDWINs for my nonprofit program, KIPP Through College, which services lower income and under-resourced communities. It is no secret that the quality of college counseling students receive varies significantly across and within school districts. Some of the schools that my students attend have inadequate and disorganized counseling resources. By distributing this product to my students, I’ve provided one more tool in their arsenal - an organizational guide which increases self-advocacy and awareness. With the comprehensive “pull-outs,” my students easily learn what it takes to get into and stay in college, and they also learn to gather important materials for a solid portfolio. I see quality products like this one as closing the information divide for students with limited resources. 

But in earnest, the EDWIN is a great product for anyone who wants to feel more knowledgeable, capable, and empowered to tackle every step of the college journey.


Sue Spiegel, Parent of a 10th grade student at
Byram Hills High School, Armonk, NY

The EDWIN is by far the most comprehensive and well-organized tool that I have ever seen to help organize the college preparation process. It takes something that can feel overwhelming and breaks it down into very manageable and cohesive sections. I can't say enough about it...absolutely fantastic!


Lori Bergman, Parent of 9th & 11th grade students at
Lynbrook High School, Hewlett, NY

The EDWIN is a perfect way to organize and motivate your hs student! My son took a look at all that is expected of him and it finally "sunk in". No matter how much my husband and I spoke to him, or the guidance counselors preached to his class, he just didn't see it clearly until he used the EDWIN for himself. What a fabulous tool!


Cathy Levison, Parent of a 10th grade student at
Milburn High School, Short Hills, NJ

The EDWIN has already been an invaluable tool that has helped my son and our family organize the college application process.  The tips provided are helping him to optimize his high school and college years.  As a parent, the EDWIN has helped me to understand the college admission process as each section comes with a handy explanation of what to do.  It's never too early to start organizing- I have actually used the guidelines to help with my 8th grader as well!


Karen Rappaport McHugh, Parent of 9th & 11th grade students at
Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

Occasionally you meet someone with so much passion that you would believe anything they tell you and buy whatever they want to sell you.  Fortunately, Candice Frankel is sharing and selling solutions.  Solutions to goal setting, college angst, and parental paranoia -- and she has packaged it all into The EDWIN.  The EDWIN combines Candice's passion into organizational perfection. The juggernaut journey that is known as "getting into college" just got easier!


Carolyn Taylor, Parent of an 8th grade student at
Darien High School, Darien, CT

We have just begun using The EDWIN for our daughter, a rising high school freshman. I am impressed with how comprehensive and user friendly it is. As an organizational tool, it is simple and straightforward, mapping out each year's goals and objectives for parent and student. It concisely formats each step of the high school and college process in an encouraging manner. My daughter now has a place for everything and knows what to expect, save, discard and work on. There are many pieces of advice that I have found extremely helpful in setting an independent and successful course for our daughter. I believe The EDWIN will prove itself an invaluable tool in our daughter's successful college application experience.




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